The AIMS Games sporting championships gives 11, 12 and 13 year olds an opportunity to compete as an individual or in a team against the best of their age in more than twenty different sports. Each of the sports offered are hosted in superb facilities where the best for their age will have the opportunity to perform at their best. This event provides opportunities to compete at an elite level, be active, celebrate fair play and enjoy success. This year we took a netball team of 9 girls to Mount Maunganui for a sun filled week of netball. It’s a demanding week with 13 games played in 5 days starting with section play. This year we were in section A which lead to a few tough games in our first days with a draw and no wins on the board. From there the rest of the week provided us with more competitive games and we came away with another win and several close loses, one game even going into extra time. When we were not battling it out on the netball court we were taking in the sights of the area with some stunning walks on the beach and up Mauou. Jewelie, Rachel, Renae and I were all very proud of the effort the girls put into the week and wish to thank their families for all the fundraising and support to get the girls to AIMS.

  • Kyla, Coach

Ruawai College would like to give a massive thanks to Kyla, Jewelie and Renae for supporting our girls and their trip to AIMS. The behind the scenes work that these ladies put in was outstanding and much appreciated by the college. Also thanks to other parents and supporters that took time out of their busy week to go down to be with the team.

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