On the 31st of July the Ruawai College year 8s, 9, and 11 Agriculture and Horticulture students were involved in developing a wetland. This involved travelling to Mark Fletcher and Teresa Taylor’s dairy farm on Bee Bush Road, Arapohoe. They are creating a wetland with Imogen Field (Northland Reginal Council), Andrew Kirk (Department of Conservation) and Jaque Knight (Enviro School Guru). The purpose of the wetland is to filter water before it ends up in the Manganui River which connects to the Northern Wairoa and the Kaipara Harbour.

We planted 6 different species of wetland plants, manuka, kanuka, cabbage tree, flax, karamu and carex. As a result of this, we have been offered the opportunity to name and support the development of this wetland.

We would like to thank Mark, Teresa, Imogen, Andrew, Jacque, Mrs Dammers and Mr Humm for arranging this trip and allowing us to have this experience.