Practical Matters

Fees / Costs

Costs for Materials, Activities at Ruawai College

Ruawai College has opted into the School Donations Scheme. By opting into the scheme, our Board has agreed that we will not ask for what has traditionally been known as the “school donation”. This amount has previously been used to augment some of the extra opportunities that we all have come to expect to be provided for a quality education. 

School Donation

By opting into the School Donations Scheme, the Board rescinds this statement. You will not be asked for such a donation.

With the School Donations Scheme, come new guidelines. A key clarification in these guidelines is that families can be asked for a donation to cover the costs of overnight curriculum trips, rather than being asked to pay a services charge. If families do not donate, students are still entitled to participate in these trips. This brings with it uncertainty for us all in terms of budgeting; we appreciate your support in any way you are able. Of course, donations are tax deductible, whereas goods and services charges are not. For further information, the Ministry of Education has written a summary for whanau

Course Material costs are charged in courses where students make items that they take home e.g. Woodwork. Details are included in the Academic Programme and will be included in financial statements.

We encourage students to participate in Optional Activities including sports and sports tournaments. If students choose to participate, the cost of the activity must be paid. Sports costs include affiliation entry fees and can include equipment and ground hire. Tournaments of any kind incur entry costs, as well as the costs of transport, accommodation and/or food.


  • There are a number of bus routes that run prior to and after school. For more information regarding bus routes and rules please make contact with the school.