At Ruawai College we are committed to the delivery of quality education. We are an achievement-orientated school which sets and maintains high academic standards. The usual curriculum subjects are offered and complemented with a wide range of other special-interest subjects. Our emphasis is on providing a challenging curriculum that is well taught by professional staff.

We are focussed on preparing our students for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).   Students in years 11-13 work towards attaining Levels 1-3 of NCEA, as well as entering for Scholarship Examinations.

NCEA is a standards-based qualification combining both internal and external assessments. NCEA was designed to challenge all students, including the most able and highly motivated. It was also designed to give schools the flexibility to develop a range of programmes to suit the specific needs of their students. 

Students are actively supported to work towards gaining certificate and/or course endorsement at Merit and Excellence through individual academic mentoring and closely monitoring students’ progress. 

More information about the qualifications that we offer can be found at www.ncea.govt.nz

Academic Mentoring

All our students take part in an academic mentoring through their Learning Advisory class.  This programme helps set academic goals, and then supports students to achieve them.  Students’ achievement is monitored closely throughout the year, and discussed regularly with both students and families to ensure they stay on track.