On Wednesday the 29th of August, the Level 1 Geography class went to Auckland to analyse the pattern of fast food restaurants in the North Shore, specifically looking at the neighbourhoods, nearby businesses and schools.  Our focus fast food restaurants were McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Wendy’s.

We did this to gather research data for our assessment on identifying spatial patterns on fast food restaurants in Auckland. We were also lucky enough to go on a ferry to the city centre and go up the Sky Tower. Here we saw the landscape of Auckland, urban patterns and different suburbs.

I enjoyed going up the Sky Tower because I haven’t been there in a few years. I also enjoyed going around North Shore seeing all of the different types of fast-food restaurants, and the patterns which emerge around them. – Liam Sanford

It was a unique and great experience driving around all the different fast food restaurants located in the North Shore. It was interesting to see the patterns fast food companies display. It was really enjoyable. – Matthew Blundell

Please find Photo’s below