Physical Education

“Participation in physical education enables our young people to develop the knowledge, values, and competencies to live full and active lives. It is about them taking responsibility for improving their own well-being and the well-being of their communities. By learning in, through and about movement, physical education helps students grow as “confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners”, who are ready to contribute to their world.”(NZ Curriculum)

Throughout the junior school we promote learning through a “Teaching Games for Understanding” (TGFU) approach. Students learning and understanding takes place as they engage in play, games, sport, recreation and adventure within physical and social environments.

Senior students are introduced to the science side of physical education, acquiring knowledge of the body and how it moves. Leadership and cooperative teamwork is fostered throughout the course, and helps to develop students’ decision making, communication and problem solving skills. Physical Education fosters critical thinking, action and enables our students to understand the role and significance of physical activity for individuals and society.

Level 1 

Level 2

Level 3

DIRECTION:  ”The road to success is always under construction.”  (Lily Tomlin)