Our annual Athletics day, held Tuesday 26th February, was a huge success.  Wonderful weather, the track and field in supreme condition, thanks to Todd, and a huge amount of competitive spirit amongst our students.  We held the 1500m the day before which was supported by some of our teachers. This spurred on many of our students, so a massive shout out to them for this fantastic effort.  

Incredible speed and skill was demonstrated throughout the day, with records broken in the Senior Girls javelin by Toni Jean Burrell, throwing 25.89m, Tori Hick in the Intermediate Girls javelin throwing 22.56m, and Nina Partridge in the Sub Junior Girls High Jump, jumping 1.31m.  Well done and congratulations to these three. A huge effort by Caleb Chapman, who attempted to beat the Senior Boy Javelin of 40m, but unfortunately the javelin did not quite stick. This demonstration of skill was quite outstanding. Some standout runners that must be mentioned (but are just a few), are Tim Bickers, Klay Connett, Ben Watkins, Jayden Hammon and Tori Hick.  Such speed and stamina made the races great to watch.

A massive thanks to all that participated, showing resilience, respect and responsibility.   Once again our community was there to support by helping with timekeeping, food, cheering competitors and all those important jobs that can not happen without you – So a big thanks to all.

Kay Smith