On Wednesday 20th February the Year

12 Business Studies students went to Whangarei.


The destination – The Event Centre in Whangarei.


The purpose of the trip was to gain experience of being a part of the Young Enterprise Scheme in Northland. Our budding entrepreneurs were able to see their competition – other participants from secondary schools in the wider Whangarei area.


During their time they were expected to use a process to help them think of a product or service they could create and market. It culminated with them having to pitch their ideas to adults in the business world. This cemented the idea that a business mentor will help support them during the year.

Student reflections upon the day confirmed that using a “Lean Canvas” helped them to visualise their ideas and narrow in on the important aspects of the product or service they could  be making. They  are now also aware of how competitive it is in the business world which they are about to enter this year. Our sincere thanks to Mr Raymonde Huriwaka for giving up his time to drive the school van for us on the day.

Mrs L Von-Lyn (12 Business Studies)