Visual Art

The Visual Arts embrace culture, originality and encourage the exploration of ideas to provide new ways to communicate visually.

Students at Ruawai College learn:
- Observational drawing skills
- Practical skills using a range of materials and methods: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and Photoshop
- The history/background of artworks and artists
- Design and development processes
- Methods to create artworks using technology
- How to discuss and critique artworks

At Ruawai College, Year 7 to 10, visual art is a compulsory 26 lesson module.  Students build their skills using a range of materials then use these skills to create original artworks based upon the study of New Zealand and international artists.

For senior visual art students, classes are five times a week for the whole of the school year. Class sizes are generally small and students are encouraged to follow their own interests within an overall set theme. Students explore the possibilities of their subject using practical skills and methods combined with the study of artworks to communicate their theme.


Art – Level 1

Art – Level 2

Art – Level 3