Student Leadership

Many opportunities present themselves for our young people to demonstrate and be given leadership. This can be seen in their roles as Prefects, Ruawai College Student Board Member, Student Council Representatives and House Captains.  

These students take a lead role in helping administer school events, act as role models and generally support and encourage students to make the most of their opportunities during their time at Ruawai College.

Peer Support Leaders 2021
Klaire Estore, Cameron Mitchell, Courtney Butt, Makana Rawaho, Sacha Tunnicliffe,  Joshua King, Jesse Wallace, Aaron Philips, Monique Estore, Shania Gilmour and Callum Ashford

Head Prefects 2021
Jesse Wallace & Sacha Tunnicliffe

Deputy Head Prefect 2021
Joshua King

Prefects 2021
Joshua King, Makana Rawaho, Callum Ashford, Courtney Butt, Sacha Tunnicliffe, Jesse Wallace & Aaron Philips

Rimu House Captains 2021
Shania Gilmour & Micheal Dreadon

Rimu House Deputy Captains 2021
Mikaere Barron

* amended

Kauri House Captains 2021
Emma Philips & Toby Marshall

Kauri House Deputy Captains 2021
Apikaira Paraone & Rickardo Bradley

Totara House Captains 2021
Laine Hickey

Totara House Deputy Captains 2021
Carla Fraser & Tahlia Johnson

* amended

House Council 2021
Marcus Williams, Rickardo Bradley, Luke Crichton, Brayden Johnson, Shania Gilmour, Bekks Coll, Emma Ashford, Sapphire Harris & Patience Day

* amended