Student Leadership

Many opportunities present themselves for our young people to demonstrate and be given leadership. This can be seen in their roles as Prefects with an abundance of portfolio areas such as Arts & Culture, Academic, Environment, Social, Sport, Board of Trustees Student Trustee, Student and House Council Representatives and House Captains.  These students take a lead role in helping administer school events, act as role models and generally support and encourage students to make the most of their opportunities during their time at Ruawai College.

Head Prefects 2020

Indiana Panoho, Matthew Blundell, Tegan Marychurch & Blake Hassall

Academic Prefects 2020

Tegan Marychurch, Blake Hassall & Indiana Panoho

Art Prefects 2020

Matthew Blundell & Harmony Day

Service Prefects 2020

Indiana Panoho, Tiakina Taufonua, Grace Aldworth-McLean & Liam Sanford

Sports Prefects 2020

Liam Sanford & Hunter Connett

Rimu House Captains 2020

Hunter Connett & Indiana Panoho (Senior)

Emma Ashford (Middle)

Hunter Haslam & Margaret Rawaho (Junior)

Kauri House Captains 2020

Jesse Wallace & Olivia Kendall (Senior)

Ryan Hassall & Sasha Tunnicliffe (Deputies)

Hunter Shaw & Emma Phillips (Middle)

Max Tunnicliffe & Imogen Williams (Junior)

Totara House Captains 2020

Caleb Chapman & Angel-Lee Rogers (Senior)

Jayden Hammon & Phoebe Wood (Deputies)

Carla Fraser & Tahlia Johnson (Middle)

Rangi Raukawa & Bekks Coll (Junior)

Junior & Senior Council 2020

Junior Council

Danae Kitiona, Emma Philips, Lucas Hassall, Max Tunnicliffe, Bekks Coll, Rangi Raukawa, Bronson Wrathall & Sapphire Harris

Senior Council

Aaron Philips, Olivia Kendall, Michael Dreadon, Joshua King, Makana Rawaho, Angel-Lee Rogers, Jahnae Llewell-Huriwaka & Caleb Chapman

Student Ambassadors 2020


Year 7

Brayden Johnson & Maiah Fraser

Year 8

Jacob Johnson & Tyla Griggs

Year 9

Raniera Parker & Shakira Harrison

Year 10

Baylin Connett & Piper Sterling

Year 11

Reuben Eve-Rumsey & Jordan Lukis

Year 12

Cameron Mitchell & Courtney Butt