Student Leadership

Many opportunities present themselves for our young people to demonstrate and be given leadership.  This can be seen in their roles as Prefects with an abundance of portfolio areas such as arts & culture, academic, environment, social, sport, Bot student representative, student and house council representatives plus leaders for each house.  These students take a lead role in helping administer school events, act as role models and generally support and encourage students to make the most of their opportunities during their time at Ruawai College.

Head Prefects 2019

Alex Rope

Tyana Fenney

Deputy Head Prefects 2019

Lanea Llewell – Huriwaka

Timothy Bickers

Senior Prefect Team 2018

Back Row left to right,  Shye Fenton, Cullen Alick, Alex Rope, Timothy Bickers, Teito Firoa
Front Row, Lanea Llewell – Huriwaka, Tyana Fenney, Toni – Jean Barrell

Totara House Captains 2019

Back row: Laine Hickey, Riley Battcher, Lanea Llewell – Huriwaka

Front row: Mokoia Llewell, Jodie Wellwood, Tyla Llewell – Huriwaka

Rimu House Captains 2019

Back row: Micheal Dreadon, Timothy Bickers, Monique Wrathall

Front row: Emma Ashford, Toni – Jean Burrel, Chauntelle Lord

Kauri House Captains 2019

Back row: Blake Hassall, Ryan Hassall

Front row: Hunter Shaw, Grace Aldworth – McLean, Emma Philips

Absent: Te Arani Tana