Staff Directory

Our dedicated staff make this school an extraordinary one. They are passionate about what they do, are experts in their field and will always go the extra distance for their students. It is their commitment to education that inspires and ignites a real enthusiasm for learning.

TeamSenior LeadershipEmail
Mrs Raeleen Harré
Mrs Manmeet SandhuDeputy
Mr Jay WarrenAssistant
Ms Brenda PolwartBusiness
Ms Jenny DallisonSenior School Dean (Year 10 – Year 13)
Ms Kirsty BattersJunior School Dean (Year 7 – Year 9)
Ms Kimberley Rope-BattcherE-Dean
AdvisorsHead of Learning Email
Mrs Manmeet
Ms Jenny
Mrs Deborah SteeleSocial
Mrs Jenny
Mrs Davena LattoMathematics &
Mr Sean McDonnellThe
Mrs Robyn
Ms Kay SmithPhysical Education &
TeachersPosition Email
Mrs Manmeet
Mr Tui RaeliPhysical Education &
Ms Jenny DallisonHospitality  |  Food & Fabric Technology  |  Gateway  |
Ms Kimberley
Ms Kirsty BattersDigital Technology  |  Science |
Mr Sean McDonnellLearning Advisor, T1 |  Art |  Photography | Hard Materials
Mrs Robyn AlouaLearning Advisor, T2 | Nga Mahi Toi (Maori) | Science,   Mathematics | Technology |
Mr Keanu TownsendLearning Advisor, T3 | Social Science | Technology | Physical   Education | Arts |
Mrs Jenny JoyntLearning Advisor, K1 |
Ms Kay SmithLearning Advisor, K2 |  Physical Education &
Mrs Davena LattoLearning Advisor, K3 |
Mrs Linda SheehanLearning Advisor, R1  |  Social Studies  |  English |
Mrs Deborah SteeleLearning Advisor, R2 |  History  |
Mr Peni LeaoLearning Advisor, R3 |
Miss Justine
Ms Lynda Von-LynSENCO  |  Learning Support  |  Mathematics | Business
OfficePosition Email
Miss Tyla O’SullivanPrincipal’s PA  |  Office Administrator |  Board
Ms Yvette MorfettOffice
Ms Carol BlacklerOffice Administrator  |  Library
Mr Todd Price Caretaker
Mrs Maraea Manukau Cleaner
Ms Maryjane Marsh Cleaner