The Ruawai College uniform and how and when it is worn is determined by the Board of Trustees. It is a condition of enrolment that it be accepted that the wearing of school uniform is compulsory and that the uniform be worn correctly to and from school as well as at school and on other occasions.

All uniform items and are available for purchase at the Ruawai College office.

Ruawai College Uniform Price List
School Uniform Pre-Order Jacket Form

General Uniform

Shirts: Light blue polo style short-sleeved knit shirt, OR Light blue, button through, short-sleeved blouse or shirt.
Sweatshirt: Navy blue v-neck sweatshirt with school emblem, OR Navy blue zip-neck polar fleece with school emblem.

Jackets: Navy and light blue fleece-lined school jacket with emblem, OR Navy blue showerproof jacket (not lined).

Shorts: Navy blue school shorts only.
Trousers: Navy blue school trousers only.
Skirts: Navy blue straight, with back split only.
Skirts/shorts must be worn no shorter than 10cm above the knee.

Shoes: Black leather lace-up shoes with black laces, OR Black school sandals [must have back strap].
Jandals and scuffs are not acceptable school footwear.
Socks: Boys – Light blue knee-length. Girls – White knee-length or ankle.

Hats: Navy blue school cap only.

Belts: Black or navy [to be worn with shorts or trousers only].

Jewellery: A watch. If earrings are worn, these must be small plain studs only.
No facial piercings or visible body piercings are permitted under any circumstances and students must not wear ear stretchers.

General Presentation: Singlets, camisoles and t-shirts must not be worn underneath uniform. Girls must not wear makeup. Boys must be clean-shaven.

Physical Education & Sports Uniform 

Shirts: Navy and light blue t-shirt or singlet with emblem.

Pants: Navy blue shorts.

Footwear: Sports shoes with a non-marking sole may be worn. Normal school shoes must not be worn in the gymnasium.