School Buses

Bus Travel Within the Ruawai Transport Network Group (RTNG)

Eligibility for School Transport Assistance (non-special education)

RTNG Management Committee
Matakohe School
Lyndsey Whitehead [Principal]                   Committee Member
Wendy Sheppard [BoT Chairperson]         Committee Member

Ruawai School
Curtis Gaylor [Principal]                             Committee Member
Jewelie Sterling [BoT Representative]       Committee Member

Ruawai College
Amanda King [Deputy Principal]                Chairperson
Rob Battcher [BoT Representative]           Committee Member
Brenda Harris [Business Manager]            Secretary

Tinopai School
Sonya Kaihe [Principal]                              Committee Member
Lavinia Day [BoT Chairperson]                  Committee Member

Contact Details

RTNG Management Committee
c/o  Ruawai College
4375 State Highway 12
Ruawai 0530

Phone:         09 439 2216
Fax:             09 439 2214

School Buses
At Ruawai College the majority of students travel on school buses. At enrolment, students requiring transport to and from school will be assigned to a bus. You must travel on the bus you are allocated unless written permission is given to change buses. If you wish to change buses for any reason you must bring a note in advance from your parent/caregiver requesting a change and stating the reason. Notes are to be handed to the office staff first thing in the morning so the necessary arrangements can be made. 

Safety Rules
These rules are for your comfort and safety while travelling on the bus. If you disregard the rules your privilege of travelling on the bus may be withdrawn.

  • You must follow any instructions given by the bus driver.
  • The bus must be fully stopped before you get on or off.
  • You must be seated, if possible, while the bus is moving.
  • You must not have any part of your body (hands, head, etc.) hanging out of the bus windows.
  • You must not throw anything out of the bus windows or around the inside of the bus.
  • You must be considerate to all students on your bus, especially the younger primary students. Be a good example.
  • You must not get off the bus before you reach school or your usual home bus stop.
  • You must enter the school grounds as soon as you get off the bus. You may NOT leave the school grounds without permission.
  • You must not stand in front of, or at the side of the driver – you will block their view of the road. Do not stand in the door-well.
  • When you get off, wait until the bus moves off before crossing the road.
  • If the bus breaks down and you have to get off, move away from the bus and as far off the road as possible. Prefects are to assist the younger children if necessary. A brief written report must be made to the Bus Controller.
  • You must not interfere with the emergency door or bell cord. 
  • You must not damage seats or any other parts of the bus.
  • At 3:00pm make your way promptly to the assembly area for bus roll-call before boarding your bus.

If you have any problems with your bus transport, please see Ms King, the Bus Controller at first instance. She will investigate and if necessary, act on your behalf.

If you are moving to a new address, please inform the Bus Controller WELL BEFORE you move.