Student Leadership Groups

IMG_0115Head Prefects 2017

Joel Bickers and Bailey O’Sullivan




House Captains 2017IMG_0110

Pictured left to right:

Rimu House Captains – Joel Bickers and Fairlane Selwyn
Kauri House Captains –
Mabyn Waters and Jack Brewster (absent)
Totara House Captains –
Ina Hornell and Suave Llewell-Huriwaka


Prefects 2017Senior Prefect Team 2017

Back Row, left to right: Suave Llewell-Huriwaka (Deputy Head Boy), Joel Bickers, Bailey O’Sullivan, Zara Marychurch (Deputy Head Girl)
Front Row:
Mabyn Waters, Shontelle Wilson and Georgia Beattie