Staff Directory

Senior Leadership Team

Principal – Mrs Raeleen Harré
Deputy Principal – Ms Amanda King
Assistant Principal / Physical Education Teacher – Mr Lance Panoho
Senior Leader / Head of Learning Social Sciences – Ms Catherine Davis
Business Manger – Ms Brenda Polwart 

Head of Learning Advisors

Head of Learning Technology / Senior Dean / Hospitality and Food & Fabric Technology Teacher – Ms Jenny Dallison
Head of Learning Science / Learning Advisor, R2 / Mathematics and Biology Teacher – Mrs Sherryn Dammers
Head of Learning English / Learning Advisor, K1 – Mrs Jenny Joynt
Head of Learning Mathematics / Learning Advisor, K3 – Mrs Davena Latto
Head of Learning Art / Learning Advisor, T1 / Social Studies Teacher – Mr Sean McDonnell
Head of Learning Languages / Junior and Middle School Dean / Hospitality and Health Teacher – Ms Kimberley Rope
Head of Learning Physical Education / Learning Advisor, K2 – Ms Kay Smith


Learning Advisor, T3 / Digital Technology and Science Teacher – Miss Kirsty Batters
Leaning Advisor, T2 / Drama, English and Mathematics Teacher – Miss Marsha Finlay
Learning Advisor, R3 / Science, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Teacher – Mr Adrian Humm
Learning Advisor, R1 / Social Studies and English Teacher – Mrs Linda Sheehan
BCAP and Hard Materials Technology Teacher – Mrs Sue Matthews
Social Studies, Geography and English Teacher – Mr Keanu Marychurch-Townsend
Counsellor / Music Teacher – Miss Justine Vallance
SENCO / Learning Support / Mathematics Teacher – Ms Lynda Von-Lyn


Principal’s PA / Office Administrator – Miss Tyla O’Sullivan
Office Administrator – Ms Yvette Morfett
Office Administrator – Mrs Amy Mehrtens


Cleaner – Mr Jack Brewster
Cleaner – Ms Sophie Blundell
Cleaner – Mr Suave Llewell-Huriwaka
Groundsperson – Mr John Shine
Caretaker – Mr Todd Price


Librarian – Mrs Amy Mehrtens