Staff Directory

Our dedicated staff make this school an extraordinary one. They are passionate about what they do, are experts in their field and will always go the extra distance for their students. It is their commitment to education that inspires and ignites a real enthusiasm for learning.

Team Senior Leadership
Mrs Raeleen Harré Principal
Ms Catherine Davis Acting Deputy Principal
Mr Lance Panoho Acting Assistant Principal
Ms Jenny Dallison Senior Leader
Ms Kimberley Rope Senior Leader
Ms Brenda Polwart Business Manager
Dean Position
Ms Jenny Dallison Senior School Dean
Ms Kimberley Rope Middle School Dean  |  E-Dean Farnet
Mr Lance Panoho Junior School Dean

Vision: A focus on the pursuit of knowledge and learning – we value excellence, we value community, we value service to others.

Advisors Head of Learning
Ms Catherine Davis Social Sciences
Ms Jenny Dallison Technology
Mrs Sherryn Dammers Science
Mrs Jenny Joynt English
Mrs Davena Latto Mathematics & Statistics
Mr Sean McDonnell The Arts
Ms Kimberley Rope Languages
Ms Kay Smith Physical Education & Health
Teachers Position 
Ms Catherine Davis  History  |  Geography
Mr Lance Panoho  Physical Education
Ms Jenny Dallison  Hospitality  |  Food & Fabric Technology  |  Gateway  |  Careers
Ms Kimberley Rope  Hospitality  |  Farnet
Miss Kirsty Batters  Learning Advisor, T3  |  Digital Technology  |  Science
Mrs Marsha Bellamy  Learning Advisor, T2  |  Drama  |  English  |  Mathematics  |  Health
Mr Adrian Humm  Learning Advisor, R3  |  Science  |  Chemistry  |  Physics  |  Mathematics
Mrs Jenny Joynt  Learning Advisor, K1 |  English
Ms Kay Smith  Learning Advisor, K2 |  Physical Education
Mr Sean McDonnell  Learning Advisor, T1 |  Art |  Photography
Ms Davena Latto  Learning Advisor, K3 |  Mathematics
Mrs Linda Sheehan  Learning Advisor, R1  |  Social Studies  |  English
Mrs Sherryn Dammers  Learning Advisor, R2 |  Science |  Mathematics |  Biology
Mrs Sue Matthews  BCAP  |  Hard Materials Technology
Mr Keanu Marychurch-Townsend  Social Studies  |  Geography  |  Te Reo Maori  | Performing Arts
Miss Justine Vallance  Counsellor  |  Music
Ms Lynda Von-Lyn  SENCO  |  Learning Support  |  Mathematics
Office Position 
Miss Helena Thompson Principal’s PA  |  Office Administrator |  Board Secretary
Ms Yvette Morfett Office Administrator
Ms Rose Cherrington Office Administrator  |  Library Manager
Property Position 
Mr Todd Price  Caretaker
Mr John Shine  Groundsperson
Mrs Maraea Manukau  Cleaner