How to enrol at Ruawai College

Enrolment Information

  •  Anyone may apply to come to Ruawai College.
  • Adult students are welcome. Those interested should discuss their courses with the Acting Principal, Ms King.
  • Overseas students are welcome and all enquiries in the first instance should be to the Principal.
  • Special needs students are welcome at Ruawai College. Parents with special needs children should arrange an appointment with the Special Needs Co-Ordinator at the College prior to enrolment.
  • New entrant students and their parents orientation day will be held during Term 4 and will provide an opportunity for further information and a chance to inspect the school facilities.
  • Ruawai College operates a House system, where every student is assigned to one of the three Houses – Kauri, Rimu and Totara. Students build up a strong allegiance to their House, and many activities and competitions are held between the Houses, with points being awarded for excellence and participation. Family members will normally be assigned to the same House.

How to Enrol

Pre enrolment and enrolment forms are available from the school office. 

Enrolment forms not completed at the enrolment interview must be returned by hand, or posted to the school office before a child can be admitted.

A copy of the student’s birth certificate is required.

Information is sought from the previous school to assist us in knowing each student’s strengths, weaknesses and needs. Parents, however, may also wish to supply more information than the enrolment form requests.

The starting dates for Term 1 are advertised in the local newspapers and on our website.