Digital Technology

Digital Technology is a subject where we use computers to design and produce a range of different media using a variety of programs. Students are encouraged to develop their skills in a way that promotes creativity and inquiry. Students are given that opportunity to develop skills that will help them in today’s technological age.

Digital Technology is split into 3 strands:

Digital Information- which has a focus on the use of digital technologies to support everyday life. Students will demonstrate the application of digital tools or the management and presentation of information using word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentations.

Digital Media – which covers a number of different areas of knowledge such as, web design, interactive media, animation and graphic design. Students will look at the different outcomes that can be made and choose the most appropriate for their tasks.

Digital Programming and Computer Science – which covers programming and computer science topics of data representation and human-computer interfaces. Students will use programming skills to plan and create computer programs.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3